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  • Becci Hadzi

hello & welcome to a new beginning!

There is so much I could say about the past week for our yoga teacher training intensive qualifying week, but all I will say is this -

The past week has been the most beautiful experience filled with love, happiness, kindness, endless cups of tea and cake and real emotional heartfelt tears. I am so lucky and will forever feel grateful to have been on this yoga teacher training journey with people who have the most beautiful souls and infectious energy. These photos were all taken in Droxford at sunrise, sunset or at night with the moon shining the brightest I’ve ever seen it and capture the true beauty that this week has been enveloped in.

We have each had our own mountain to climb during this year of uncertainty but I like to think we will reflect on the year of 2020 and know that we ended the year on a massive high with a week filled with so much love. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted but in the most grounding of ways - every part of me is topped up with the energy of being around all of you.

We’ve all laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed this week and shared some really intimate and personal memories, thoughts and feelings. I’ll keep them safe and come back to these memories and smile at how we’ve grown together and individually too.

I think what I’m trying to say (with more tears!) is thank you to each and every one of you for being the cheerleaders we all needed this year, especially to Laura for sharing so much of her wisdom and strength and for making sure nothing about this year has affected our training. I speak for everyone when I say you’ve supported us through so much this year. The safe space we all hold for each other will never be taken for granted.

Please bear with me whilst I get my website up and running and start to arrange the classes I can offer whilst keeping everyone safe during Covid times. Now is the time to start prioritising our mental health as well as our physical health and I firmly believe yoga can help our minds find some quiet and some calm during one of the most hectic years I've experienced. We are all in this together and the yoga community is here to hold your hand and welcome you with open arms and a downward dog or two!

Finally to my fellow yogis on our YTT course - WE ARE YOGA TEACHERS! Feels so strange but so damn right to say that!

As I said in my exam -

“With peace and love to you today and everyday. Namaste”

Becci x


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