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  • Becci Hadzi

Rest, Restore & Relax...

I'm so excited to be launching my new class - Rest, Restore & Relax this Friday, 20th November 2020.

If you haven't attended a restorative yoga class before, you will absolutely LOVE what next Friday has in store for you. Restorative yoga itself is one of many reasons why I decided to become a yoga teacher because after attending just one restorative class, I could see the amazing benefits this style of yoga has for the body and mind.

To give you an understanding of what to expect in Rest, Restore & Relax - you can expect to wear whatever is the comfiest thing you own (I opt for loose clothing and with the world we're currently in and the fact we're practicing yoga online then it means we can all wear our comfy pjs and fluffy socks!), to hug your pillows, to let go of all that you're feeling and all that is going on around you and immerse yourself in an hour of total relaxation, calm and stillness.

Isn't it crazy that we view an hour of relaxation as a treat? This is yet another reason why I wanted to become a yoga teacher - to help others in the world find the time to slow down and unwind. We have to keep ourselves balanced, yet we're always on the go and whenever we slow down, it's few and far between and a lot of us feel guilty for some down time because we think our time could be better spent elsewhere. Well, I'm here to tell you your time is best spent in this cloud of relaxation, and here's why!

The scientific evidence IS OUT THERE to prove how beneficial restorative yoga is for us. By resting and allowing our body and mind time to be still, we can relieve muscle tension, improve our capacity for healing as we balance out the nervous system that is always on the go which in turn boosts our immunity, reduces stress and anxiety, improves our sleep.... The list goes on! My question to you all is this - are you going to allow yourself this one hour a week of guilt free, scientifically proven to be good for you total relaxation and calm? I'm going to, and I'd love nothing more than for you to join me.

Rest, Restore & Relax class, running once a week - Fridays - 7:45pm - 8:45pm

Peace & love today and everyday,



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