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Oh restorative yoga... You hold a big place in my heart! If you haven't attended a restorative yoga class before, believe me when I say once you start going, you won't be able to fall out of love with it. Restorative yoga is a super gentle, slow paced style of yoga that focuses purely on relaxation and stillness to allow the body and mind to slow down through passive yoga poses. During an hour's class, generally I allow for 8-10 poses maximum which means we have the time to really settle into each pose giving the mind a chance to find relaxation through the body's stillness. The benefits of restorative yoga are incredible:


  • Soothing and regulates the nervous system

  • Helps us to ease feelings of anxiety, stress, depression 

  • Boosts the immune system as the body and mind are brought into a result state allowing the immune system a chance to restore and repair 

  • Encourages mindfulness 

  • Improves sleep 

  • Reduces muscle tension as the longer holds in poses releases tension and emotions stored in the muscle fibres 

  • A deeper connection with ourselves and how we're really feeling 

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Encourages the stillness for meditation which some people can struggle with (me included when I first started!)

  • Allows for emotional healing with a safe, supportive space that restorative yoga holds for you 

Restorative yoga means coming to class/joining on Zoom with your snuggliest blankets, grabbing all of the pillows/cushions you have spare, wearing loose comfy clothes and granting yourself an hour of guilt free, delicious YOU time. The benefits for us mentally, physically and emotionally are all there, we just have to allow ourselves the time in our busy schedules for this. I've gone into restorative yoga classes feeling so wound up and frantic with my never ending to do list, and I've come out after an hour feeling like I'm floating on a beautiful white cloud with no worries in the world. It helps to bring me back down to earth (whilst on my floating white cloud!) and to bring some quiet and stillness into my day that I wouldn't get without it. I really do believe that every single one of us can benefit from restorative yoga because we just don't take the time to relax in the world we live in at the moment. I invite you to join me once a month, to dedicate that hour to yourself and your wellbeing. An hour a month is hardly anything at all, so what are you waiting for yogis?

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