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Yoga for Anxiety

5 Week Course

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"Becci is an inspirational yoga teacher. I was nervous before the first class but she totally reassured me via email beforehand and I thoroughly loved every class. I wouldn't go to any other class now. I loved every class, I left every week with a feeling of peace and calm that I rarely feel to be honest. I am a total convert to yoga because of you, you have a beautiful voice that sends calmness and positively into the room. I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me realise there is hope and that I have something I can use to conquer this." - Sue

"Anxiety is something I have suffered with for a number of years now and I have tried many different techniques to help support with varying levels of success. Yoga was something I always had my eye on as a great way to relax, stretch and get to know myself a little better. When I saw the Yoga for Anxiety course it felt like it was tailored to me. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing, and soon I realised it was what I needed. The Yoga for Anxiety course has been hugely beneficial to me, both in the time I was given to focus on myself for an hour and also to really focus on my anxiety and learn how to manage it. I went away from each class feeling more uplifted and relaxed and with new methods on how to combat the bad thoughts as they come. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend the Yoga for Anxiety course to a friend, and I found Becci to be a wonderful teacher. She's friendly, relatable and supportive and I do strongly believe that it was her teaching that has made me want to continue with Yoga." Kerry

"I found Becci through my local community page on Facebook as Becci was advertising her new Anxiety Course. I have done yoga for years but was going through a bad time with my anxiety caused by a stressful job so I thought it had to be worth a try. The course is absolutely amazing & Becci is so knowledgeable & has such a lovely calming style. Each week focuses on a different theme to help you cope with anxiety. There is also a private group that Becci has created on Facebook where we can share our stories, get & give support to each other in a safe space. Becci’s Anxiety Course has changed my perspective on anxiety & has given me so many tools to help me deal with it better. It’s so very cleverly created & I’m so glad I took a leap of faith & signed up, it’s the best thing I could have done." - Louise

"I have completed Becci's yoga course and I couldn't recommend her more! I really enjoyed the yoga class with her, besides the poses I learned many different breathing techniques and even how they change our body. It was a great journey to have the classes with her. She is brilliant, has a lot of attention to detail, is very organized and committed to our wellbeing." - Jessica

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Yoga for Anxiety - Course Dates, What's Included & Weekly Breakdown (1).png
Yoga for Anxiety - Course Dates, What's Included & Weekly Breakdown (2).png
Yoga for Anxiety - Course Dates, What's Included & Weekly Breakdown (3).png
Yoga for Anxiety - Course Dates, What's Included & Weekly Breakdown (4).png
Yoga for Anxiety - Course Dates, What's Included & Weekly Breakdown (5).png

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