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Yoga Calm

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Wednesdays, 6:45pm - 7:45pm

Durley Memorial Hall

Yoga Calm is my offering from my heart to yours. This class focuses on supporting both your phsical and mental wellbeing. I know it isn't just me that feels overwhelmed with our everyday life. I spoke about this to a group of students a couple of years ago, about how we try and cram so much into one day. One of my students sat with this for a while and said "but we always seem to be able to add in more time for the things that we have to do". It's true, isn't it? We always find the time for the things we have to do. And then there's never any time for the things we want to do. The things in life that bring us joy, happiness, peace, calm. Our balance always seems to be tipping off the scales. This snowballs and we find ourselves at burn out more often than not.


If the last few years have shown us anything, it's that our health shouldn't be taken for granted. That includes your mental health. Yoga isn't about headstands and who can touch their toes! It's a practice to connect your body and mind. Yoga Calm will help energise and uplift you when you need that kick up the butt. It'll help you unwind and relax when you need it most. I'll hold a safe, supportive space for you throughout so you always feel comfortable with a lovely community of Yogis. I would love for you to join us and explore the amazing magic of Yoga and how it can beautifully change your life in so many ways. It's time for you to find your calm.

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