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Ben Clarke 

"I've really enjoyed attending Becci's yoga classes as it doesn't feel like her classes are aimed just for women. I've recommended a male friend to Becci's classes and he had the same experience. 

I'm a very sporty, active person and have found yoga really beneficial for muscle tightness after football games and cycling. I have recommended Becci to all of my friends as I think her classes would be beneficial to all."

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Ellis Hindle

"I hadn't done yoga before as I never really thought it was for me. I thought I'd give Becci's classes a go especially as this year hasn't been the easiest of years. I loved it. Becci talks you through everything - I even fell asleep at the end of class I was so relaxed. 

If you're hesitant in thinking yoga won't do anything for you, you're wrong. This class was exactly what I needed to take that time out for me from my busy, hectic lifestyle. I felt a load of calmness and more energised strangely once finishing the class. Thank you Becci I will look forward to more of your classes!"


Debbie Hadzidimitriou

"I'm completely new to yoga but I've just joined Becci's first anxiety, relaxation class and wow! I didn't really know quite what to expect and was a bit apprehensive at first (being new to yoga) but I was totally relaxed within a few minutes and by the end of the hour I was almost asleep!

Becci was so professional and informative throughout the class, always explaining what we were doing and the benefits of that particular pose. I will definitely become a regular yogi and can't wait for next week's class! If I can enjoy and participate in yoga then anyone can!"

Samantha Hale


Samantha Hale

"Becci, thank you thank you thank you for the most beautiful, purposeful & focused flow. I felt so connected to my body & to my breath throughout. You made me feel completely safe & at the same time gave me the freedom to explore the poses for myself. I can't wait for next week."


Joanne Cox

"I took part in my first ever yoga session with Becci this week and loved it. Becci was great at explaining everything throughout and I had the option of going at my own pace. I found it a totally calm and relaxing experience. In fact I had my best nights sleep in ages after! I look forward to taking part in more classes."


Emma Farr 

"Becci is a wonderful teacher. She creates a safe space to practise and the classes allow you to escape your mind and forget about your worries that evening. Her calm voice helps relax your mind and mody and modifications throughout allow all to attend.

So pleased to have found Becci's classes - thank you for all your kind support!"

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Gina Bennett 

"Becci has such a beautiful soul which comes through in her teaching. Yoga Calm describes her practice perfectly and I felt truly chilled after her class. Becci is very thoughtful of her students which made me feel looked after throughout. Thank you for sharing your yoga with us."

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Mike Cobb 

"Becci introduced me to yoga when I needed it the most. Instantly after practicing in one of Becci's classes I felt relaxed and de-stressed. A lot of the breathing techniques I am able to use in day to day life to help cope with stressful situations. There is a lot more to yoga than I first thought and I couldn't ask for a better teacher than Becci."

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Kira McKane

"I have absolutely loved Becci’s Wednesday yoga classes! I’m completely new to yoga and I was quite nervous to start, but Becci is so welcoming and makes it so relaxing and enjoyable. I’ve noticed a real difference since starting the classes - both mind and body."


Donna Smith 

"Becci is a first rate yoga teacher that exudes warmth, compassion and a genuine care for the people around her. Through a wonderful mix of breathing techniques, guided meditation and creatively sequenced yoga flows Becci’s classes are the perfect tonic for anyone looking to bring balance, calm and positivity to their lives. I wholeheartedly recommend Becci to  anyone and everyone; she’ll make you feel like your old self again."


Arcadius Gregory

"Becci is not only a fantastic teacher but also a genuinely lovely person. Her directions are always clear and precise, so I don’t need to look up to check, which is important for me when doing a zoom class. Becci’s classes are stand alone, but if you attend regularly it is more of a course of different focuses, which I love. I now consider Becci’s class an essential part of my week."

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